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Is Your Website Helping Your Business Win New Clients Consistently Or Repelling Potential Customers Instead?

Your website reflects the image of your business online. It can inadvertently tarnish your brand and drive away potential customers unless you take the right steps. Upgrade your website to improve visitor engagement, generate more leads, and win more customers.

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Website Upgrade

Your website is the first touchpoint most prospects will have with your business. If your online storefront doesn’t look well-maintained, visitors would instinctively assume your business is sloppy and therefore it can only deliver low-quality products or services.

An outdated website can hurt the perception people have of your business and turn away potential customers. If your website looks abandoned then it signals that your business is not doing well and you can no longer afford website upkeep. Some visitors will even jump to the conclusion that you’ve thrown the towel altogether but forgot to take down that website.

Perhaps you launched your website years ago just to prove your business is web-savvy. But these days, you are too busy to update the content of your pages let alone freshening up the overall design. Technology made great leaps forward and so has web development. Online visitors expect your business to keep up or else become obsolete.

For instance, a large portion of your market base now uses mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to surf the web. If your website was built more than 5 years ago, chances are it was optimized for desktops and laptops, not for smaller screen sizes.

That means some crucial information published on your website will be cut-off on mobile devices. Rather than pinch or zoom to see your web page content, most visitors would click the back button. Those potential customers will hop over to your competitor’s website which is mobile-friendly.

You work hard to offer great-quality services or products and to build your reputation. Your website should help you get more leads and serve your customers better rather than tarnishing your brand.

Don’t let your website turn into a haunted house that spooks potential clients away. Review our 15 points checklist to assess whether your website is repelling rather than inviting visitors to connect with your business.

Get a website that engages visitors, elevates your brand and brings more business.
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