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We Protect Your Website Against Hackers Probing Security Weaknesses, Clean Malware Infections, and Restore Your WordPress Website With Hardened Security.

An infected website gets red-flagged by search engines and it scares away potential customers. Don’t let hackers break into your website and make your business lose its credibility. Act now to keep your website, your business, and potential customers safe.

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Preventive Security

According to Sitelock, over 18.5 million websites may be infected with malware at any given time and the average website is attacked 44 times every day.

Many website owners are unaware of how website security is so crucial and entirely their responsibility; so their websites are the easiest targets for hackers.

If your website is infected, it gets blacklisted by search engines and can even be banned by your web hosting provider. Hence, you lose all the traffic and the confidence of potential clients. Your online business comes to a standstill.

Restoring an infected website to have it whitelisted again is a very stressful experience that will cost you time, money and your brand’s reputation.

By taking preventive security measures, you protect your website from 99.9% of potential security risks and uphold the confidence of online visitors.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Defensive Measures

By proactively taking your website security as a matter of business survival, you protect your online business and your website visitors.

But, even after hardening your website security, you still have to fend off new attack strategies, patch security holes and keep an eye on what’s going on in your website.

While you are focused on running your business, hackers are actively trying to come up with new plots to break into your website.

You need defensive measures to block access to restricted areas, single out suspicious visitors and ban repeat offenders from your website. They are up to no good anyway.

Even when the unfortunate happens, because there is no bulletproof security, you’ll have your website restored within hours not days or weeks thanks to contingency plans already in place.

Infection Cleanup

Despite all your wishes and prayers, your website got hacked and you don’t even suspect anything “phishy” is going on. Search engines and web browsers warn their users about the potential security risks of visiting your website before you can lift a finger.

Web browsers display a red screen alert discouraging visitors from surfing any further and advising them to head back to safety, away from your website.

At this point, your website traffic is trickling down to zero; no more sales, no more business leads, no comments on your blog posts, no social media shares.

We clean your infected website, bring it back up, and have it whitelisted again by search engines to regain its traffic and the confidence of visitors.

We then audit your overall cybersecurity, plug all potential vulnerabilities and monitor your website to make sure all backdoors are closed.