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Plugins are the workhorse of WordPress. They extend the WordPress core and allow you to add, virtually, any functionality to your website. There are well over fifty-four thousand free plugins in the WordPress.org plugins repository.

Whenever you need to add functionality or a new feature to your website, you simply enter a related keyword to a search box to get multiple results. The hardest part is picking the most suitable plugin among those search results. That plugin search can be done right from the comfort of your WordPress administration panel. So you can find, install and activate that plugin in three simple clicks.

Over the years, we’ve developed custom plugins to match the needs of our clients’ web applications. We are now giving away some of those plugins to the WordPress community. So in the upcoming weeks, we will be submitting those plugins to the WordPress.org directory to make them available to you. That’s our way of showing appreciation to all contributors and members of this vibrant community.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as each plugin is accepted and released in the WordPress.org plugin directory. So far, the first two of 5 has just been submitted and approved.

Here are those plugins you can find and download from the WordPress.org plugins repository.

WPXP Background Media
WPXP Clean Navigation Links